About us

In the summer of 2008, we made a big bet on creating something
different and artisanal in the city of Tinos, respecting above all the
Aegean tradition and culture. We rolled up our sleeves and with a lot of
work, tenacity, creativity and imagination, we created Madalena’s family

A family affair in which each of us had a role in the final touch.
However, our mother, Madalena steals the spotlight as all the decoration
and aesthetics of the accommodation are configured by her imagination
and taste. And somehow, we revealed to you the reason of our name.

since 2008

Surely, you will also wonder what our logo means.

Our logo symbolizes
the mother nature, namely our mother Madalena who is holding in her
arms the four Fratelli. Fratelli Rooms is the second family hotel business,
and its logo symbolizes the four heads of Madalena’s sons.

Our rooms are built in the Old Town of Tinos providing all the modern amenities to the guests so as to enjoy their stay as much as possible and feel at home.

Our main concern is to offer the best to people who trust us the most valuable
part of their time, their holidays. We provide that we would also like to
find in the places we visit, i.e., quality and aesthetics perfectly
harmonized with the natural environment, but also home care. We
welcome you to Madalena’s family rooms, with the hope that we will
meet your expectations.


Fragkiskos, Tzortzis, Marios, Angelos

Madalena, Iosif